Minister for Small Business and Tourism

These key sectors of the Australian economy grew significantly under Joe’s leadership from 2001 until 2004. The ministry was a section of the Department of Industry, Resources and Tourism.

Following the successful implentation of tax reform, Australia’s small business sector grew in both number and as a percentage of GDP through the streamlining of regulation, improved workplace laws and a strongly growing economy.

Small business reforms delivered by Joe such as Small Business Enterprise Centres, a single entry porthole for Small Business dealing with Government and the development of a single tax payment system and a single Australian Business Number for more than one million small businesses helped to make commerce easier in Australia.

As Tourism Minister Joe inherited an industry that was heavily impacted by the Asian Financial Crisis. As a result he initiated and delivered the biggest reform of the industry in a generation.

The Tourism White Paper, which was backed by nearly $250m of new funding, delivered massive reforms for the Tourism Industry. Joe established Tourism Australia and its subsidiaries including Tourism Research Australia. He delivered a significant increase in funding and realignment of Australia’s domestic and international marketing.

Joe’s landmark reforms in Australia’s tourism industry were recognized domestically and internationally as the best practice benchmark for future changes for this rapidly growing sector.